Doctrinal Statement

About Lighthouse Baptist Church

 Lighthouse Baptist Church is an independent Baptist Church. The congregation is composed of a membership that is saved, immersed, and striving to live holy before the Lord. Our purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of salvation in Christ, and to minister to the family. 

We believe in:


* The inspiration and infallibility of the Bible as it is embodied in the King James Version. 

* The virgin birth of Christ and the vicarious atonement of His death.

* The bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and of His imminent return to the earth. 

* The person and work of the Holy Spirit. 

* Salvation and justification through faith alone.

* The eternal security of every believer. 

* The reality of heaven and hell.

* The autonomy of the local church.

* The obligation of every church to support foreign missions. 

* That there are only two church ordinances: baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper.

* That every church should practice ecclesiastical separation and every believer personal separation from the world.